Would you know how to handle a live television interview or newspaper interrogation?

Do you feel you lack charm and charisma when talking to the press?

Do you need help handling a specific media situation?

If any of these questions are relevant to you, then IMLC can help.

Whatever your level of experience with the media, we can help you define your key messages, build your confidence and develop your skills to handle any media situation.

Our unique media training programme is run by national broadcast and newspaper journalists and revolves around ‘real life’ practical interviews, giving you a fantastic insight into the world of the media and ‘what journalists want’.

Whether you are a media novice or a seasoned pro, our training will take your media skills to the next level, giving you the tools you need to become the go-to media expert in your field.

What Can You Expect

  • One-on-one training with an experienced national journalist

  • Practical ‘live studio’ interview exercises, tailored to your specific needs

  • HD video recording and play back so you know how you look and sound

  • Assessment and top tips to help you perfect your media skills

  • Key message assessment – helping you package what you say so it has the maximum possible impact

  • A training pack full of tips you can take away and practice

  • A DVD of your media training experience

Our Packages

  1. Half Day Media Training

  2. Full Day Media Training

  3. Reputation Management Media Training

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