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IMLC’s services cut across all industries, in the past we have provided our services for Energy, Finance, Media, Information Technology, and Entertainment based Companies.

Considering the ever changing communication landscape we have developed a multi channel communication model with our clients, we understand the needs of the clients and hence provide tailored communication for every client.

This measurement criterion for growth differs by project, the standard growth metrics (Return on Investment, Revenue Growth Year on Year, Profit Growth YoY etc) in addition to industry specific growth metrics. We adopt thorough empirical methodologies to measure growth to ensure we have a near perfect understanding of our client’s growth.

When it comes to strategic consulting it doesn’t get better than IMLC, we employ modern consulting processes to deliver world class consulting services, we leverage on our robust pool of intellectual resources and experience to provide excellent consulting services. We have a track record of success and have the numbers to back that up. Our biggest strength lies in our ability to innovate as we employ tested and proven consulting methodologies.

Our team is made up of a variety of industry experts with particular focus on Business Management, Information Technology, Legal Advisory and Marketing.

IMLC offers management consulting services for both startup and already existing organizations. Our services span across Digital Media management, Legal Advisory and Consulting, Perception Management and Social Media Marketing.