We are uniquely placed to advise clients in times of a media crisis. We understand the media and have the contacts to be able to stop a story from being printed, minimizing the impact of negative coverage and helping you to turn the situation around so your reputation and business remains intact.

At IMLC we develop and deliver an effective communications strategy whether it is through business-to-business PR, consumer PR, online PR, brand building, promotions, events – we get you the best publicity.

  • We are uniquely placed to achieve the best coverage in the print media, online media and broadcast media.

  • Our vast network of media contacts is second to none.

  • Coupled to this service is our expert ability to write your press release and communicate with the media.

  • Most press releases sent to journalists fail to contain a story.

  • You ask the journalists and broadcasters. Where do they end up – nowhere!

  • Our unique experience in the media ensures that your press release gets noticed by the person making the decisions.

  • We always identify the best story and deliver to the top.

  • If a journalist receives a press release with our name attached they sit up and take note.

  • They know we know a story!

We cover all aspects of PR strategy, from online reputation management to targeting your stakeholders in the most effective and noticeable manner.

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