The Central Bank of Nigeria is Nigeria’s apex financial institution.

The mandate of the CBN include Monetary Policy Functions, Issuance of Currency, Maintenance of external reserves, debt management, foreign exchange management, etc.

The CBN also serves as banker’s bank and a banker to the Federal government.

The nature of the operations of the CBN is such that the Bank does not have to advertise or flaunt her functions and activities like regular commercial banks and other financial institutions.

However, the recent plunge of the Country’s economy into recession as a result of factors beyond the control of the bank leadership gave rise to the need for the CBN to give account of its efforts to take the Country out of recession, stabilise the economy and sustain public confidence in the institution.

We were engaged to handle third-party communication for the CBN and we as a necessity had to evolve a template to improve the visibility of the bank on social media.

  • Perception Management
  • Online Advertising
  • Social Media Influencer Campaign
  • Video Documentaries
  • Tweet-Meet Engagement
We embarked on perception audit and management on the CBN. We strove to improve The CBN’s public perception and project its activities in revamping of the economy. As a result, there has been a considerable improvement in the public perception of the image and work of the CBN. This resulted in the predominantly young social media audience to become more acquainted and aware of the Organisation’s activities.
In fact, the Country’s exit from recession has been largely and widely perceived as a result of the CBN’s management of the country’s monetary policy frame work.
We engaged Social media influencers to help project our work and the activities of the CBN. Through our influencers, there are now more persons who discuss the CBN, their activities and operations across social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc
A picture they say, is worth a thousand words. We created videos to employ audio-visual technology in order to create in the minds of the viewers, a lasting memory of an event, policy or programme that could possibly last a lifetime. These videos have over the period of our engagement, publicised the activities and various programmes scheduled by the CBN.
We created a live tweet-meet session on Twitter. It provided a veritable platform for the Corporate Communications Directorate to interface with Nigerians on the activities of the bank. The results were tremendous. We have advocated more of such programmes as they help in no small measure to establish a medium of engagement between the citizenry and the policy makers in the CBN.


IMLC carefully monitored the number of people following CBN’s narratives and collated monthly data of impressions and responses to these narratives. The data collated was carefully analyzed and interpreted.

The data helped IMLC focus on areas that were necessary for propelling CBN’s narratives, adjustments were made which led to improvements in IMLC’s strategy to ensure continuous increase in awareness of CBN’s campaigns, policies and narratives.

  • Number of threads that made front page: 50
  • Number of influencers engaged: 300
  • Impressions generated across all campaigns: 150,156,824
  • Online newspapers/Blogs engaged: 42
  • Number of pro-CBN news stories: 185


The Challenge

In the build up to the 2017 National convention of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, we were mandated to run a social/digital media campaign for PDP National Chairmanship Candidate, Prof. Tunde Adeniran.

The aim of the campaign was to give our candidate improved social media visibility and improve his chances of success in the elective convention.


Our team formulated a strategy on which the campaign was hinged on:

We set up a multi-platform social media account across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with rich text, and audio-visual content. The platforms were also used to constructively engage members of the public, respond to questions and address issues and concerns raised in a polite and professional manner.
Through our Online Newspaper, BREAKING TIMES and over 20 sister Blogs and online newspapers, we ensured extensive media coverage of his consultations, press conferences and other engagements throughout the campaign.
We produced series of campaign videos, e-fliers, picture quotes which were used across social media platforms. Our videos are also formatted for mainstream media use.
Building on the solid academic background of our client, we were able to increase perception and visibility of our client, Prof Tunde Adeniran. We also carried out search engine optimization to ensure that the positive narratives about our client appear high on the list of results returned by any search engine.
The massive increase in the use of social media as a means of corporate communication has given rise to social media influencers. These are persons who have huge following on social media platforms and we effectively used them to drive and sustain conversations on our client across all social media platforms.
We were able to get a database of all the statutory and elected delegates to the convention and sent periodic text messages to them about our Client and his policies.


Our rich content and high response rate gave rise to meteoric growth and increased
following across the various platforms. This contributed immensely to the visibility and
positive media response to the candidacy of our client.
This is evidenced by the data collated during the course of the campaign-


From zero followers, we were able to generate close to 2000 new organic followers

Partner bloggers:

We engaged an average of 20 partner bloggers including IMLC’s social media influencer platforms to work on the campaign.


We got over 15,000,000 impressions on all platforms created.

“…. While we have our reservations about the outcome of the elective convention, we are delighted with the performance of the IMLC team. You all worked very hard and given a level playing ground, I am convinced that the outcome would have been different. Working with you was a very memorable experience and I look forward to working with you guys in the future.”
Alhaji Shehu Gabam, DIrector-General, Tunde Adeniran Campaign Organisation (TACO)